In summer is very common that our daily habits are altered by leisure and rest plans. To exit from the routine is advisable and essential to rest the mind and make a cut that allows us to face the second half of the year stronger. But not all are advantages. In many cases, this «loss» of routine affects directly to the good oral care habits that we routinely subject our mouths to. We are going to give you 8 keys  that will make this care does not diminish during the summer season:

1. Get a pack of sugar-free gum and take it always with you. Snacking between hours is a classic of nowadays and we will not always have the opportunity to brush our teeth.

2. Always carry a travel tooth brush. This will facilitate oral cleaning when we are away from home.

3. High temperatures make the ice cream such a one of the star products of the season. Ice cream, like any food with a high sugar content, affects oral health as an abuse in its consumption can increase the possibility of caries appearance, especially those ice creams with added as chocolate, caramel or candy that can be stucked to the occlusal surface of the teeth. Brushing after your intake is more than advisable.

4. Like ice creams, slushies and soft drinks or gassy drinks are typical summer. These products produce a deterioration of the enamel of the teeth, so consuming them with a straw is such a good idea.

5. The swimming pool and the products used for its maintenance such as chlorine can stain the teeth, especially the front ones. Beware of bathing with your mouth open or doing the «classic fountain» with the water in the pool.

6. The children of the house are undoubtedly the most active of these dates and also those who suffer more accidents. Dental fracture is one of the most common accidents due to jumps and pirouettes.

7. The lips, due to their lack of melanin are the most likely to suffer sunburns. Use cocoa pencil with protection when you go to expose yourself to the sun.

8. Finally, diving enthusiasts should know that pressure can affect our mouth, especially if we suffer from caries or periodontal diseases.

Taking some precautions and cares, summer vacations do not have to affect our health. Conversely, reducing stress and getting away from routine has a very beneficial effect. Enjoy the summer!