Everyone of us had already the need to visit a dentist. Yet, the lack of information makes it difficult for us to choose between one or another dental clinic. How can we know which dental clinic is the best to choose? Which factors are important for our choice?

In the following, a ranking will be presented with aspects which might help you to choose the right dental clinic for your treatment. The most important fact starts at #1.

#1 – The dentist should be registered in the College of Dentists. In the webpage of the College of Dentists in Gibraltar you can inform yourself about the members.

#2 – The dental clinic should be able to conduct diagnosis and establish a treatment planning. Avoid those clinics wherein another person or institution performs it.

#3 – Dental clinics which try to attract you with prices under the market price might overcharge you for additional treatments or later refinements in order to increase their profitability. Keep in mind that a good treatment is worth its costs, as good materials, experienced professionals, and the use of technology are costly.

#4 – Some clinics priories to have a great image instead to concentrate on continuous advancements in their work, their materials, and the use of the newest technology. Ask your dentist with which brands and materials he/she works, as these factors are very important for your health.

#5 – Avoid to pay your treatment before being treated. The treatment should always be paid after it was performed, or it least you should have the chance to choose between both. Some dental clinics require prepay, which might lead to a prolongation of the treatment, and a loss of quality if you need multiple treatments.

#6 – Investigate the education and training the dentist received. You can usually see their resume on their webpage. Good training and yearlong experience will ensure you that you receive a qualitative and excellent treatment.

#7 – The prices should be neither too high nor too low. Whenever health is the matter of a treatment, the expenses can increase.

#8 – Dental clinics which have dentists with different specialisation can offer you a higher quality in the treatment, as they are more experienced in their field of work. Furthermore, you will not be in need to change the clinic if you need another treatment. Besides, it is advantageous that your treatment will be fully done by one dentist. Changing between dentists can cause confusion.

#9 – Using recent technologies help to improve results. A technologically well-equipped clinic shows the continuous effort of the clinic to progress in their work and to provide the best offer.

#10 – Digital radiography can reduce radiation up to 3 times in comparison with the conventional. Choose wisely your clinic, and consider this argument for your health.

#11 – All your questions and concerns should be solved before, during, and after the treatment. It is your right as a patient, to know the potential risks, information about previous results, and all details of the treatment.

#12 – The ads that announce to perform your treatment within 24 hours, are not realistic, and if yes, not accurately performed. The human body needs time to heal after a surgery. High quality treatments can be durable, and even last several months.

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