Dr. Daniel Tafur
Dr. Daniel TafurImplantologist

“ As a child I admired people who worked in health services. Many years later, I have decided to start my career as a dentist in Granada. Since then, I had the chance to train myself in various countries all over to world, to gain the maximum of experience I have today, and to treat patients with different oral conditions. My job is my passion – Therefore, I am specialised in oral surgeries which include dental implants, as I desire to give back a smile to people who had lost previously.”

2011 PhD in Odontology, University of Granada, Spain, awarded with SUMMA CUM LAUDE.
2010 University Diploma in Oral Implantology and Maxillofacial. Faculty of Medicine. University of Paul Sebatier, Toulouse III, France.
2010 Masters in Occlusion, Oral and Aesthetic Rehabilitation. The European School of Rehabilitation Implantology and Biomaterials, (ESORIB), NYU.
2009 Masters in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation. The European School of Rehabilitation Implantology and Biomaterials (ESORIB), NYU.
2007 Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA). Faculty of Odontology, University of Granada, Spain.
2005-2006 Course for a Doctorate in Investigation in Stomatology, Faculty of Odontology, University of Granada, Spain.
2000-2005 Dentistry BDS, Faculty of Odontology, University of Granada, Spain.

“My interest in dentistry began when I was studying my dental technology degree. During the 7 years in which I worked as a dental technician, I excelled and wanted to get more deeply involved in dentistry. During this time, I worked in very close collaboration with dental professionals and I learnt a lot from them. My interested developed into a passion, watching how dental health professionals helped people recover their smiles. Following this, it was a decision easily made for me to embark on my own dentistry degree at the highly-regarded Seville University. Since completing my degree and working a dentist myself, I have continued to keep myself abreast of the most recent developments relating to aesthetic dentistry and prosthodontics by Reading and attending courses around the world. My passion for dentistry is as strong as ever, particularly since going to Nicaragua with Dentistas sin Fronteras where I performed many surgeries to people with no Access to dental healthcare. This impressed upon me first hand importance and vital nature of good dental care”

Graduate in Dentistry
Universidad de Sevilla (2012-2017)
Dental Technician
Universidad de Sevilla (2004-2006)

Dr. Jesús Mateos
Dr. Jesús MateosRestorative and Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr. Pilar Ríos
Dr. Pilar RíosOrthodontist

“Dentistry is my passion, since I was little I knew that I would do it. I graduated in 2010 from the University of Seville and since then I began the specialization in the field of orthodontics through various masters, courses, congresses … dedicating myself exclusively to this subject.There is nothing more rewarding than a smile.”

Graduate in Dentistry
Universidad de Sevilla (2005-2010)

«Graduated from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Homologated at the University of Seville and posgraduated in Dentistry and Orthodontics, has over 20 years of experience in the field of Dentistry. At Tafur Clinic works as a general dentist.»

Degree in Odontology-Dentistryy
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJa (1992-1996)
Postgraduate degree in Dentistry
UNIGRANRIO- Universidade do Grande Rio (2002-2004)
Recognition of foreign degree in Dentistry,
Faculty of Dentistry of Seville(2007-2009)
Postgraduate degree in Orthodonticsy
Sociedade Brasileira de Begg – Sobegg (2011-2015)
Hands On: Training Course in Indirect Veneers for the Clinicy
R2 Capacitação em Odontologia Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)(2017)
Dr. Marcelo Soares
Dr. Marcelo SoaresGeneral Dentistry
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Paula Durán
Paula DuránAssistant
Isabel Pozo
Isabel PozoClinic Coordinator and Recepcionist
My goal at work is to offer our patients the maximum comfort and security during their treatment, so that they can leave our dental clinic with a beaming smile.