General dentistry is the type of dentistry that integrates and coordinates the various dental specialties in order to restore your teeth back in to function as well as improving the look of your teeth. From simple fillings or other minor treatments, to rehabilitation cases that will require several planned techniques to bring your mouth back in to a good condition .

The scope of general dentistry also includes a strong component of prevention. We aim to early diagnose dental diseases and provide appropriate prevention programs that will also help to stabilize and prevent any conditions, including dental decay and gum disease. This may include effective plaque control regimes, as well as diet advice and fluoride advice.


Is the type of dentistry which focuses on restoring the tooth once bacteria has entered the central nerve of a tooth, due to a number of reasons, it is the usual last resort to save the tooth. Endodontics is used in certain cases where the nerve is in a poor condition due to deep decay, fractures caused by trauma, particulary by any reason which will allow bacteria to enter the central nerve 

  • This helps restore the tooth
  • Remove tooth hypersensitivity to heat or cold.
  • All treatments will be under a local anesthetic so that the treatment will be as pain free as possible.


What is periodontics ?

This is a type of dentistry which aims to diagnose and treat those affected by gum diseases, conditions which affects the supporting structures of the tooth(the part that holds the tooth in).

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Symptoms include bleeding gums, teeth that move with usually very red , swollen and glossy gums. The gums usually bleed spontaneously or on toothbrushing as well as possibly experiencing bad breath or bad taste in the mouth.

Periodontal diseases can also be painless and silent, making it difficult for the patient to recognize without a dental consultation and only a professional can diagnose correctly.

Why causes gum diseases?

The main cause of gum diseases is plaque bacteria. Plaque is the film that remains on the tooth and gum with not brushing or a inadequate brushing technique.  This plaque bacteria causes inflammation and tissue destruction, mainly destruction to the collagen fibres that hold the gum on to the tooth as well as the bone that holds the tooth in.  There also also secondary causes of gum disease which may make gum disease a great deal worse, these include tobacco smoking, diabetes, certain genetic disorders, plaque retentive factors( fillings with gaps, dentures which do not fit well)

After diagnosis treatment will include tailor made cleaning programs under local anesthetic if necessary.


Treatments include the removal of wisdom teeth alleviating the problems a patient may be suffering with, as well as problems with the oral mucosa to treat disorders such as retainers, or the removal of benign cysts.


The smile is one of the most important parts of our body in terms of social and work life, it is very common for people to look directly at the mouth of the people you speak. Therefore, it is important to care of it and give it a healthy appearance and to transmit beauty. The loss of teeth, staining or teeth that are crooked are all problems which we can solve which would  result in getting a completely new and attractive smile.


What are implants ?

Implants are a replacement for lost tooth roots. They provide a good foundation for fixed or removable teeth. They provide a fixed option for tooth replacement, to improve a patients smile and improve a patients bite to facilitate things like speaking, eating.

The actual implants are a small titanium screw like pieces, which are inserted into the bone via minor surgery.

Types of implants:

  • Single implants
  • Dental implant with two or more teeth
  • All on four
  • Locator

Learn more about dental implants


Get a smile as bright!

Philips Zoom technology uses an LED light, which can  whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in a single session of approximately 45 minutes, under the supervision of a professional. This new leading US new system will allow you to to have whiter teeth with the guarantee and security offered by Philips.

Philips Zoom technical Day White is administered by yourself at home. You will be instructed so that you can whiten at home dedicating 30 minutes a day.

Philips Zoom Night White involves applying whitening while you sleep.


Halitosis is more commonly known as ‘Bad Breath’. It can be caused, by things like poor dental hygiene, dental diseases. the use of certain drugs, dentures or certain diseases. Treatments for this aim to reduce the number of odor producing bacteria. It is a delicate matter and will be treated delicately and with discretion.



If anyone has ever told you that you grind your teeth, it is possible that you suffer from Bruxism. Bruxism is when a person unconsciously grinds or clenches their teeth, it can be due to a number of reasons, particularly high stress levels and a fault in the way you bite together.

Consequences of this condition include suffering from broken teeth or fillings, pain in the muscles that allow you to open and close your mouth. as well as pain in the jaw joint.

It is extremely important to assess this condition and seek properly planned dental treatment if required, since complications can arise.